Newborn: Thomas

At eleven days old, Thomas is already watching the world with a solemn delight and wise understanding behind perfectly beautiful eyes and a smug little grin.  He watches when his Daddy brings a bottle and helps him eat his supper.  He watches when Mommy picks out his outfits and putters around the exquisitely decorated nursery.  He watches when puppy gets jealous and wants attention.  He watches when Mommy smiles at him with all the adoration in the world.   He watches Mommy and Daddy cuddle (and gets jealous when he’s not getting all the attention, of course).

There is a lot those beautiful eyes will see: a lot of world to explore, a lot of experiences to live, a lot of adventures to have.

He’s just starting the fun.

P.S.  The move from North Carolina, U.S.A. to British Columbia, Canada is complete and I’m open for business in the Lower Mainland!  Want to know why I came to BC? Well, I went to Africa and met a Canadian and became a bride and roadtripped across the continent with my husband. Simple enough, eh?  =)

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  1. How do you do it?? You catch the wary look in the puppy’s eyes as it looks at Thomas; you catch the baby’s sweet face making a connection with Mom or Dad, or better yet, when they kiss and their son is looking on for one of the first times! Such a gift you have!

    This sweet baby is adorable, much loved by Mom & Dad. They are blessed!

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