The Smoll Family [Spokane, WA]

Eight years ago, life looked a little different. They were facing the daily excitement of life in a big city in Africa (traffic? check. smog? check.), they were hosting 30+ teenagers from around the world every weekend for Youth Group, they were bouncing around the Rift Valley in a Land Rover and facing the goat-induced traffic jams. Oh, and they were celebrating the complexity and joy of a mass of metal floating in the air: airplanes.

Airplanes remains the common denominator. Elise scampers around the hanger as thought she’s grown up there or something (she has) and gives excellent direction on how to properly assemble the engine (it’s a learning tool, just FYI). Anna takes care of puppy, and gallivants on the tarmac. Collin might or might not have been playing games with the security cameras.

There at the Spokane Turbine Center, Nairobi was a world and a half away. There was no dust in the air, no goats in the way, no warrior standing guard. But, see, the last time I saw this family was when my Dad took this photo of the Land Rover and the traffic jam. Ever wonder where my inspiration for photography originated? Here’s proof: my Dad started it.

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