A Pinked Mountain View

What’s better than an almost-360-degree mountain view?  How about a lake at the base of the beautifulest mountain of them all? And add to it my best shoe purchase ever and its waterproof delight?  (And it has a great style name, too. Sharing a name with a shoe is pretty much the bomb.)

It’s been a whirlwind week, these past seven days.

I’m working on coordinating a fun day of dress up in Bellingham for local high school seniors, I received a happy letter from Canadaland immigration, I’ll be in Phoenix next week in a land where the wedding venue has flowers blooming (!!!!!), I have had to turn away three weddings because apparently I’m already booked for all the popular weekends of this summer (yaaay!), and despite the rain, I got to see a delightful mountain view on my way to the gym today.

Playing in the water sounds like a great way to celebrate.


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