I went to North Carolina

I flew home on a whim a couple weeks ago. A 3500 mile journey with three days notice.  No small feat, but thanks to Google Flights I found an ideal itinerary within my budget and was able to be with my  family when they needed me.

It’s nice to be needed, you know? Despite the jetlag and overwhelming process to unpack and repack in the same week (I wrote this from a Toronto-bound airplane, am finally publishing this the day before I do another cross-country flight),  it was all worth it just for the privilege of being home for a season of challenge and triumph with my family.

I basked in the North Carolina sunsets,  cherished my one bike ride with Dad, spoiled the family puppy, over-ate when my parents made their famous stew, cozied up for movie night with Mom.  Sounds idyllic, no? But those moments were scattered between doctors and nurses and long days in hospital waiting rooms and bedside at hospice.

Walking a tough season, is made more palatable when the burden is shared. I found it easier to spot the beauty because I wasn’t alone and neither was my family.

And so I cherish these days: the beauty of family, the culture of teamwork, and the joy of airplane rides for facilitating reunions.






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