The Beast: My New Computer

First it was all over my floor. A odd jumble of boxes, hardware, software packaging, and cords.

Then the pieces started coming out of the boxes. Scarily intricate pieces of equipment. Worth excessive amounts of money, yet so tiny.

Once all the pieces started getting put into the case, it was a scary series of moments where I wondered if I was justified in trusting him with building my precious machine.

And, now, I have too small of a desk for my massive monitor — 24” of beauty, yessirreebob — and too much harddrive space (as if that’s even possible?) and a completely functional and highly powerful machine ready to process pictures and keep me occupied for hours on end.

Ironic thing, though, is that I haven’t even touched it yet.

I sit with the trusty ol’ laptop while the brother plays with the new machine.

But, hey, he built it. I might as well let him tinker with it.


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