The Anzivizio Family

I’m around a lot of love. Engagements are full of love. Brides are full of love. Grooms are full of love. Weddings are full of love. But nothing — no, nothing — can surpass the joy in my heart when I see a mom and dad after whoknowshowmanyyears that they just can’t hold it in. This is real love. Mature love. Love that has seen the test of time — and conquered. TRUE love.

And that is what I see when I see these two.  Ohmyword. Just look at it. Feel it. Breathe it in.

They’re in love.

When my sister saw these photos of Mr. and Mrs. Anzivizio (and, yes, I know I’m spelling their name wrong…I have a story about that, too) right after seeing the melt-in-your-heart-swoon-worthy photos of Sarah and Matt, she said it best: “Well, that explains it!”

And I agree.

Sarah has seen this for the past twenty-or-so years and no wonder she’s found herself a man who loves her like her dad loves her mom: fully, truly, and enthusiastically.

I melt. No, seriously. I really really really do.

Just look at how she’s looking at him.

Now THAT is love.

And because of their love for each other, their kids sure do spread a lotta love, too.

As I drove away from Bicentennial Park and hanging out with this crew, all I could think was: “That was the BEST shoot EVER!”

Sure, we were dealing with a thunderstorm until 15 minutes before we were scheduled to meet. Never mind that the park was drenched and there was no where to sit. Who cares if the summer thunderstorm left behind a humidity level of 273%.

These people know how to have fun. And laugh. And spread compliments. And laugh. And laugh. ANd laugh some more.

(No wonder I was willing to slide my very dry shorts across a very wet park bench — these people are just worth it! Truly!)

And that love…those laughs…was what made this such a phenomenally amazing shoot with an exceptionally amazing family.

And, see, if this doesn’t sum up their entire family, I really don’t know what does. Uh huh.  The girls are looking at the camera and cooperating then there’s Dad (who is trying to figure out how to cause mischief) and David (who really wants to cooperate, but there is just too much to see and do in a brand new park) and – well – the lovebirds (who are obviously more interested in each other than they are in me).

Oh! And the story of their misspelled name!  (This is classic — ready for it???)

I’ve been saying their name MY way this WHOLE time…and only yesterday figured out that, um, I should’ve taken a few more Hooked on Phonics lessons and practiced my sound-out-the-syllables a little bit more.

Cuz, um, I got their name allllll wrong.


I happen to think my pronunciation (which is, of course, exactly how I’ve spelled it for you: “Anzivizio”) is WAY cool.

So there.

And since I have confidence in my confidence, that’s how I said it. Out loud. In front of a couple of their friends. Who all turned to me with “you-are-so-dumb” stares. And set me straight. Promptly.

So now I know: Hooked on Phonics didn’t work for me.

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