Stanley Park Engagement Photos

Adventure weekends take them to Whistler for a day of snowboarding.  Lazy afternoons sometimes include a bike ride from their home to Stanley Park, around the seawall, and then back home.  A semester abroad in Austria meant a few months of bus-hopping around Europe.  A deeply ingrained sense of adventure meant we went traipsing through the woods and along the beach for their Stanley Park engagement photos. Their favourite corner of Vancouver to celebrate their engagement.

Chloe and Christian are my kind of couple — a little wanderlust, a little adventure, and a whole lot of love. Spending an afternoon for Stanley Park engagement photos was exactly the kind of fun my camera and I love the best.

Stanley Park Engagement Photos

We spent a chilly afternoon exploring the park, cuddling on the beach to stay warm, and celebrating a friendship that started in high school. Growing into love, their time-tested friendship is what makes their engagement that much sweeter.

Stanley Park Engagement Photos Stanley Park Engagement Photos

Stanley Park is one of my favorite corners of Vancouver.  Whether it’s Chloe & Christian’s winter engagement session or Brittany & Stephan’s summer engagement session or Shanna & Steven’s sunset engagement session, Stanley Park engagement photos are always a win.

I can’t wait for their wedding later this year!

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