Engaged: Daniel and Jacinta [Winchester, VA]

As we all learned many years ago from the beloved Mary Poppins, there are many different types of laughter.

Some people laugh through their noses
Sounding something like this, dreadful
Some people laugh through their teeth goodness sake
Hissing and fizzing like snakes
Not at all attractive to my way of thinking
Some laugh too fast
Some only blast
Others, they twitter like birds

For Daniel and Jacinta, though, theirs is a laughter that transcends the now and prepares for the forever.  It’s a laughter that revels in the today and rejoices in the tomorrow. It’s a laughter that shows love, a laughter that gives love, a laughter that creates love, a laughter that is love.

Daniel is the master at it, and Jacinta knows it.  He can make her laugh anywhere, anytime, over anything.  And we’re not talking about a nervously excited giggle that happens on a first date with a long time crush.  Nope.  Nothing like that.  This is a genuinely delighted, fully amused, ridiculously happy laughter that binds them together and fills their world with happy.

They’re cute, Daniel and Jacinta.  They’re cute in this laughing love of theirs. It’s a beautiful thing, every single giggle of it.

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