Crescent Beach Engagement Photos

Crescent Beach Engagement Photos are always the bomb dot com. (Are the cool kids saying that anymore? Probably not.)  In one short walking loop at one location, we get forest AND field AND ocean photos! I love being able to offer variety in the final collection and this location is a perfect for that!  Add in the most magical sunset glow and incandescent happiness,  and – boom! – we hit it out of the park!

Sandy and Corey are getting married this summer and I’m so excited!  Here comes next chapter of their story, a story already filled with sarcasm and humour and really funny stories of their first date.  We meandered Crescent Beach for the engagement photos, chatting of wedding planning and dead end roads (cue the hilarity of their first date) and long November walks on the beach.

Before we go any farther, though, please take note of that DOUBLE SUNBURST! I wish I could say I planned it, but I can’t take any credit for the way the sun caught on Sandy’s gorgeous ring. I didn’t even know it happened until I was culling the photos on my computer. You should have seen my gleeful dance when I saw the perfection!!

Crescent Beach Engagement Photos

One of my main tips for couples: relax! Laugh! Enjoy the date-with-paparazzi!  Sandy and Corey so obviously enjoy one another and I felt so honoured to be tagging along as the third wheel that only occasionally made awkward jokes.

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I have SO MANY favourite photos from this Crescent Beach engagement session, partially because the light was so insanely perfect and mostly because these two were so photogenic and so obviously into each other!

How many times have I photographed Crescent Beach engagement photos? Many times.  How is it that I have never walked down to this little spot ever before?  It’s wild how much an extra few steps can change the scene altogether!  BEST PART?! This is the exact spot of their blustery first date all those years ago! How cool is that?!

Also: Notice the variety? From field to ocean within a four minute walk!

For obvious reasons, sunset is my favourite for Crescent Beach Engagement Photos. I mean, LOOK AT THAT LIGHT!

Crescent Beach Engagement Photos

I love engagement photos and I especially love sunset beach engagement photos!  If you’d like me to photograph your engagement session at Crescent Beach, email me!

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