Loft at Earls Yaletown Wedding

Counting down to this Loft at Earls Yaletown wedding day was a journey of trust, hope, faith, and fear — Trust that the rain would hold, hope in backup plans, faith to believe in good weather, and fear that rain would dampen our plans. 😉 It takes courage to plan for outdoor portraits on a November day in Vancouver and we had plans and backup plans in place! But these guys had one of the most charmed autumn Vancouver wedding days I can imagine: sunshine in November, nothing too chilly until right at sunset, and a timeline that stayed on course despite traffic jams and downtown parking realities.

Basically, the best day ever started with a surreal sunrise and only continued to improve as Fancy Face worked their magic, Floralista delivered the colorful goodness, and everything came together with ease for a sophisticated Loft at Earls Yaletown wedding.

Let’s start by taking note of these smoky quartz earrings all the way from Nepal! These are only the first of the internationally sourced wedding accents and aren’t they splendid?
loft at earls yaletown wedding

If there ever was a perfect place to prepare for your wedding day in downtown Vancouver, the Opus Hotel is it. In addition to the luxurious accommodations and bold colors, a textable concierge and exceptional service made for the ideal (and stress-free) place to let Fancy Face pamper!
Opus Hotel bridal suite

I mean, check out the color coordination here: shoes and walls practically matched!
Opus Hotel bridal suite
Opus Hotel bridal suite
Opus Hotel bridal suite
Riding to meet her groom, the surreal set in . . . reality suspended, our ethereal bride floated from parking lot to meet her groom. (Prospect Point is one of my favorite spots in Stanley Park, but it’s wildly popular to everyone else in Vancouver too! We found a secluded corner to let these two relish in the start of their wedding day and I’m pretty sure this is the best first look ever. Check out that emotion!

Before you keep scrolling, it’s time to notice the second of the international accessories: this coat was custom made in Hong Kong on one of the bride’s frequent international trips! Not only was it perfect for a bridal coat, it has actually been her favourite coat for seven years! (Pretty sure any white coat I dared to own would last all of seven minutes without a stain. :-P)
autumn bouquet inspiration

While the coat is absolutely fabulous, this Madison James gown from Everything by the Groom is everything. . . and an adventurous willingness to go sleeveless on this chilly day made for plenty of opportunity to show it off!

Psst. This is what we call a natural model . . . also known as a groom happily looking at his beautiful bride.

While I was jumping up and down relishing in the glowy glory of this winter light, an ornithologist passerby pointed out the pair of eagles commemorating their own cough, cough wedding celebrations. I wish I could take credit for these giggles, but I’m pretty sure the eagles get the blame, erm, credit.

I love this view. Every. Single. Time. It’s so magically wonderful. That cascading bundle of tulle is just icing on the proverbial cake. 😉
autumn wedding stanley park
autumn wedding stanley park

autumn wedding stanley park

So. Fiercely. Perfect.

We moved to Athlete’s Village to finish the portrait session of this blissful day . . . and it was EVERYTHING.
autumn wedding vancouver


How dapper are they?!

Vancouver is the best city. The end.

Practicing their first dance on the waterfront is basically one of the best unprompted moments of sweetness I can imagine. (Bonus: all the foot traffic temporarily gave them the bridge to enjoy alone!)
athlete's village wedding

athlete's village wedding
athlete's village wedding

Arriving for the Loft at Earls Yaletown Wedding ceremony, the hexagon from The Little Wedding Shoppe and decorated by Floralista stole the show . . . but only until the ceremony started and the laughter was contagious and the emotions were big.

Take special note of this third international accessory: a Persian rug brought from Afghanistan. Talk about an international traveller, eh? So many personal touches from around the world!

Side note: Jay from Vancouver Officiant kept everyone waffling between belly laughter and tear-wiping sentimentality. If that’s not the sign of an excellent wedding officiant, I don’t know what is.

Sentimental moments during a wedding ceremony make me consider videography as a second career just for the sake of remembering every sweet moment and all the perfectly eloquent words.  All I remember is how beautifully heart felt these vows were and how desperately I tried to remember the particularly beautiful phrases while they were being said.

(In good news, the best phrase was on display on their cake so remembering that one wasn’t hard. Keep scrolling . . .)
loft at earls yaletown wedding


Talk about blissfully newlywed! Aren’t they stunning?!


As the final nod to their adventurous, globe-trotting tendencies: a globe guest book is basically the best idea.

loft at earls yaletown wedding


What better way to wind down their Loft at Earls Yaletown Wedding than a classy, well-rehearsed, beautifully-executed first dance? I love watching the faces behind the dancing pair. Surrounded by so many people who love this passionately adventurous, ridiculously hilarious, gallant pair: this was a wedding day to relish.

Dress:  Everything But the Groom
Suit: Harry Rosen
Makeup: Fancy Face
Hair: Fancy Face
Lashes: Lumiere Artistry
Flowers: Floralista
Hexagon Arch from The Little Wedding Shoppe
Officiant: Jay of Vancouver Officiant
Venue: Loft at Earls Yaletown
Getting Ready: Opus Hotel
Photographer: Jenni Marie Photography

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