Married: Troy and Stephanie

I do have friends all over the world. Really, I do. And regularly I have people visiting my website from Canada, Kenya, France, Mexico, Italy, Afghanistan, Australia…etc, etc, etc.  But this week, I’m getting a daily hit from Jamaica. And since there’s only two people who I know in Jamaica this week, I know exactly who is patiently (or not so patiently [cough, cough]) waiting to see pictures from their wedding.  (Does it make me the stalker that I know that they’re checking? Or them the stalker since they’re the ones who keep checking? [grin])

When I showed up at Concord Presbyterian Church, I was out front checking out the church when Troy’s big truck pulled up. He leaned out the window: “Hey there, bossy!

And that’s when I knew it was going to be a good day; and definitely a fun one.

I bounced back and forth.  The girls and their curling irons, mascara wands, and eye shadow brushes were in one wing of the church. The boys and their ping pong table down a hall, up a flight of stairs, and down another hall.  The boys laughing and playing games. The girls fastidiously taking care that every detail was perfect. (And it was.) Stephanie finished her makeup. The girls touched up her hair. Grandma carefully fastened the necklace around her neck. The nervous energy, the raw excitement grew.

Then, it was time. Everyone was ready to go. The pictures had been taken. And it was time. Almost.

That last 15 minutes dragged by. Stephanie answering text messages. Her Dad flipping open his phone to check the time. The bridesmaids starting to get nervous.

“You’re getting maaaarrriiiieed,” squealed Lauren. “My sister’s getting married!”

And then they were off. Down the aisle. Meeting at the front. Exchanging their vows. Declaring their love. Listening to the fire alarm.

Oh, wait.

Isn’t that what always happens?

No? Not really?

But that’s what happened this time.

See, Troy is a fireman.

As they were pronounced husband and wife, a carefully coordinated series of steps came to a head and all the attending firefighters’ pagers, beepers, and everything else loud and noisy started wailing through the church. And it was loud. Almost as loud as everyone’s laughing once they realized the joke.

He loves her. She loves him.  Their paths have brought them to this point. And – boy o boy – its a beautiful thing. Their friends hung out to celebrate with them (umm…and let me just say, this gang Can you say superman cape?). Their families were their to support them (I loved seeing how everyone was working together to love on Stephanie and Troy). The rubber duckies were hanging out with them, too. (Oh yes, lots and lots and lots of rubber duckies — lurv it!). And – as promised – Troy had his baseball-cap-to-match-the-wedding-colors.

And now they’re married, hanging out in Jamaica and living the good life.

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  1. Hey, Jen! The wedding dress and boots picture is awesome! Maybe my favorite of yours…although there are so many pretty ones to choose from! 🙂

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