Cleveland Dam Wedding

I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face: every wedding day is beautiful. However, a Cleveland Dam wedding hold a whole new level of beauty that is wildly unprecedented (the only ceremony that has ever come close is the American Creek Lodge view and I beg of you not to make me choose between that view and the Cleveland Dam wedding view).

Josh & Mehala’s wedding day was cloudy with a tiny chance of rain, but no one cared because what it actually meant is that no one roasted in scorching sunshine, the clouds were majestically nestled against the mountains, and it didn’t actually rain.

These guys miiight take the prize for “most adventurous all around.” Not only because their engagement session highlighted their (not just “his” anymore…but “theirs”…right, Mehala?!?) and not just because they went on a rugged camping trip a few weeks before their wedding, but because of how unabashedly they waltzed down rocky pathways, across uneven stairs, and into forest streams in their wedding clothes.

Josh & Mehala: you guys rocked your wedding day and I am SO GLAD I got to be the one along for the ride. <3

Psst. Any wedding invitation featuring photos I took is absolutely my favourite wedding invitation. 😛

(Spoiler: after their Cleveland Dam wedding ceremony, the reception was held at the Gleneagles Golf Course and if you’re looking for an elegant but rustic venue, this is the spot for you!)


How many bridesmaids does it take to get Mehala into her dress? All of them.

That dam view, though! Dude.  I can’t imagine anything better, and the clouds just added to the wildly glorious drama.

After embracing the view at the Cleveland Dam, we explored and adventured our way through forests and and to streams and along the ocean for portraits. I say it every single wedding, but I think these are some of my (new) favorite portraits. Between Mehala’s striking dress, her gorgeously styled hair, Josh’s dapper suit, and their super classy bridal party, it was a dream.


What a dapper crew of guys, right?! Would it surprise you to know that there was so much fun being had (aka goofing off and not paying attention to me :-P) we almost didn’t get this photo?  Go team!

See what I mean by adventurous? It’s not easy navigating streamside boulders in a dress, but they make it look effortless!

I think every bride should probably consider woodfired pizzas and scrumtious pies as a reception menu — so unique and so beautiful and so yummy!

Between pizza pies and fruit pies, these guys knew how to EAT.

Have I mentioned recently how much I adore reception games?  (I have a few favorites, but the shoe game is probably at the top of my list!)

Josh & Mehala kept downplaying their first dance, totally as though it would be a non-event and super casual. The little sneeky pair totally rocked the dance and even added a few fabulous twirls for good measure!


Josh & Mehala’s Cleveland Dam Wedding was made even more beautiful by their fabulous team of professionals!

Hair/Makeup: The Lovely Artistry
Flowers: Flowers & Company
Dress: Champagne & Lace
Suit: Indochino
Videographer: Jay Lutz
Dinner Catering: Farm to Forno Pizza Truck
Dessert: Krispy Kreme Donuts
Pies: Krause Berry Farms
Coordinator: Janet Weston 
Photography: Jenni Marie Photography

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