Abby The Bride

Abby is a bride. Abby is a beautiful bride. Abby is looking at her husband. Abby is smiling. Because Abby is happy.

One of the 32,000 weddings on 10.10.10 was an epically awesome one. And this is proof.

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  1. The picture taking was really fun! Despite the whipping winds and freezing beaches, :-P. Though I have to say that the wedding party huddle was really a highlight of the weekend. 🙂
    Corrie, all the bridesmaids missed you!
    Jennifer, I second the request for additional photographic evidence of the epic-ness of this wedding!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! So beautiful!!! Abby, you were the most gorgeous bride EVER since last year!!! (hehe, love you, Cherise ;))

    lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely!!! 🙂


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