Village Inn Snowflake Wedding

Down a flight of black paneled stairs, through a lobby still decorated for Christmas, around a corner, past the fellowship hall, down a utilitarian white block hallway, and into a cozy parlor complete with fireplace and artwork.  She was mere steps from the room where her groom waited to meet her in the church, and she positively fluttered with excitement.

Her perfectly scheduled day was (surprisingly) ahead of schedule (not surprising, if you know Liddy, but definitely surprising considering the standard nature of a wedding day), the hair and makeup for all her bestest girls was almost complete, and her fluttering was nothing of a nervous excitment. No nerves here. She had been waiting for this day for years (no exaggeration. promise.) and her man…her Zac…her groom…was almost her husband.

She left the parlor, down that sterile hallway, past those rows of folding chairs, across the Christmas infused  lobby, and up those fabulous stairs. Her groom wouldnt see her until she walked down the aisle (she snuck a peek at Zac while he was distracted by his groomsmen photo op), but they planned for a quiet moment together before the ceeremony, anyway.

With only a wooden door between she and he, they cherished the beginning of their wedding day. She leaned into the door as though the door wasn’t hiding him from her. He teased her, breaking the emotional quiet; making her laugh, despite the door. She reached past the door and grasped his hand. Impulsive. Gleeful. Needing her man, even while honoring the tradition.

She cried. He might’ve cried (I’m not telling). I definitely almost cried. And then she ran away faster than Zac could say “January 5, 2013″… a desperate and valient effort to preserve the makeup.

The celebration had started at daybreak when the carefully orchestrated day officially began, but the celebration OFFICIALLY started when the vows were sealed with a kiss and the newest newlyweds were  hand-in-hand surrounded by their best friends and dearest families laughing and hugging and high-fiving.



The line between family and friends were blurred as the celebration continued.  And, really, there was no distinction.  The family members were friends.  The friends were family.  And everyone was celebrating.

Not just politely happy for a newly married couple.


These friends-who-are-family and family-who-are-friends were ecstatically, exuberantly, enthusiastically, energetically giddy with happiness.

The hugs were gleeful.

The squeals were loud.

The congratulations were genuine.

Oh happy day. Liddy & Zac are (finally) married.




Ceremony: Southside Baptist Church, Winston Salem, NC
Reception: The Village Inn, Clemmons, NC

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  1. There are no words for how perfect this all is!! The photos, the story, everything – So thankful to all that shared in our joy (especially to you for capturing it all on camera)
    Love, Love, Love!

  2. Oh, Jenni Marie! You make me tear up at work. Your word pictures capture the day as much as your perfectly timed pictures — so much more that set up shots.
    Welcome to the family/friends/family.

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