Catawba Country Club Wedding


Amanda had spent the morning preparing for her groom. Her hair styled to perfection. Her dress laced then zipped then buttoned. Her flowers ready. Her bridesmaids waiting.  There had been an excited hum in the bridal prep room, mothers buzzing in and out helping with final adjustments while the bridesmaids were almost disappointed that there wasn’t more for them to do to help Amanda.  But Amanda didn’t need a lot of help — she had planned, prepared, and prayed for this day during their over-a-year-long engagement and now all the details stood poised, ready to happen.  Besides, with joy on her heart, all the rest of the details stayed in their proper place, in sharp perspective second to the reality of the day.

Wedding day.

Her groom’s excitement was contagious, bubbling.  Joshua couldn’t stop smiling. He couldn’t stop bouncing.  Excitement and happiness swept away the calm — and left in its place a tangible joy.

His mom came in to tell him how beautiful Amanda looked — his eyes lit up (even more, if that’s possible) and wordlessly begged to know more: “Is she okay? How does she look? Is she almost ready?”

Before too long (but it likely felt like an eternity to the glad groom), it was time for the ceremony to start. He strode into the church with a strong, smooth step. His face emoted calm, somber reality. But only for a brief moment.  The solemnity had passed. In its place stayed that huge smile and bouncing joy. (Yes, it was a literal bounce. Such joy! Happiness! Glee! FINALLY after so many years, he married his Amanda.)

He saw her. His bride. His smile simply couldn’t get any bigger.  It literally couldn’t. They savored their moment. Time moved into a slow motion chick flick moment. He waiting for her. She walking toward him.  He poured love toward her with his eyes. A powerful love that pierced the distance between them and wrapped her with his joy. [cue orchestral triumphant theme] They shared joy. Their laughter during the ceremony proved that.

And then it was done.

Their marriage began. Five years and five months since their first date.

Joshua and Amanda.

Are married.



Pssst: the moment pictured above is hands down one of my favorites.  A man in love with his wife. Taking a moment out of their wedding day to remember it. For himself. Wow.







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