Cannon Beach, Oregon

One of the things I’m learning to love about living in the Pacific North West: road-trip-ability.

By crossing into the USA (patriotism win!) and sailing down the I-5 past Seattle (in between traffic jams) and detouring onto the famed US-101 (canopied in green),  we found ourselves in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

At first, I wasn’t overly impressed.  Another beach.  Another gray day.  Another rock.

But after wandering the beach,  embracing the gray, and marveling at the rock (and its extensive sealife exhibition!), eating Tillamook ice cream (Oregon Black Cherry!), and camping in the woods (my very first camping trip EVER), I am yet another Cannon Beach Convert.

P.S. While in Cannon Beach, I did a couple little photo shoots and Johnboy was an amazing assistant.

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