Cakes by Madison: Cakes & Cupcakes

Today is #thankfulthursday; the day of the week I set aside to count my blessings and remember the goodness around me.  As I celebrate the one year anniversary this month of my immigration to Canadaland, I am especially thankful for cake and cupcakes and coffee dates.   What’s not to love, right?  Yummy goodness, warm comfort, delightful company.  I can be especially thankful, though, because cake and cupcakes and coffee dates have introduced me to many new friends along the way, and today I’m particularly excited to introduce you to a gem of a girl, a talented baker and artist, who is easily one of the most hard-working young ladies I know.

A student, an employee, and an entrepreneur.  All rolled into one (no baking pun intended!), Madison embraces the art AND the science of baking by creating delicious and beautiful specimens.  I have loved spending time with her, getting to know more about her art, and she is why I am thankful today for cake and cupcakes and coffee dates. You can see more of her talented creations on her facebook page or website.  If you’re looking for cakes in Langley, here’s your answer!

I mean, just look at this wedding cake!  Isn’t it spectacular?!


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