A Kitten Valentine

I'm totally batty for you.  Kitten Valentine.

It’s Valentine’s Day and the kitten, the Ducky, the littlest assistant is here to share the love:  her own special series of kitten valentine e-cards.

I'm not "kitten". Valentine.

She might be a kitten, but she’s not a’kidding.

you're the cats meow.  kitty valentine.

Her special meow sounds more like a mix between a half-mew and a bird’s chirp, but you’re the bomb-diggity, just the same.

Cat's Meow.

The bestest of friend means purrs and perfection, but not always in conjunction.

don't be a fraidy cat. be my valentine.

She may not practice what she’s preaching (fear seems to be her modus operandi), but the sentiment is there.

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