An Expedition to Keats Island

The dawn wasn’t as dramatic as I’d hoped for (I love dawn. Always have. Always will.), but the view was nonetheless spectacular. We left our corner of normalcy at o’dark thirty (I think it was 530am, if we’re going to be specific) to catch the 7am ferry across the ocean. Yes, I did say ferry and ocean in the same sentence. My new corner of normal is very close to a corner of heaven. The rain was only a bother because of my high end camera gear (heh), but the deck was far to cold for comfort.

Yet there I stood.

Longing for sun. Breathing in salt. Giggling in the breeze.

The last time we went to Keats, it was two months before our wedding, we were exploring with Chrissy, and it was just for a few hours.

This time,Chrissy was many many many miles away (Africa should be closer. The end.), the wedding had already happened, and we hung out for two full days.

We love Keats. And I think you can understand why.

Not to mention that we have super cool friends who are living the island life this year.

Even if Mike is a camera hog (aka photo bomber), he and Carla are fabulous hosts — and ridiculously cute.

Not to mention insanely talented. (Not many people can wash dishes, start fires, maneuver boats, catch starfish, model with poise, AND crochet a sweater on the same day.)

See? Beautiful.


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