Bridal Falls. Chilliwack, BC

When the day is unseasonably sunny and fully of happy, fluffy, cotton ball clouds instead the normal low, gray, heavy clouds, there’s not much to do but GO OUTSIDE!

When the day is so sun-filled, it requires sunglasses?  You put ’em on with glee and GO OUTSIDE!

When a magical little corner of the moss-covered, creek-lined world is waiting just a quick drive away, what else is there to do but GO OUTSIDE?

We went rambling along this little mountain-fed creek at the base of a snow-capped peak, ignoring the “Park Closed For the Season” sign and playing with the another hiker’s eight-week-old puppy.

Eventually we found the waterfall.

Totally worth a little stroll through moss-covered lushness.

P.S. On Saturday, the weatherman said there wouldn’t be sun again until a few rays on Friday.  It’s Monday and STILL SUNNY!  I rejoice.

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