Jayna: a Meridian High Senior

I’ve known few people so capable of bringing instant energy and joy into a room.  But that’s Jayna.

She bounced into Gown and Glove and had just experienced the commute worth forgetting — bad directions on GPS, getting lost in a confuzling town, a one-way-street that didn’t need to be there, and then FINALLY safely to us.  I’m not sure I would’ve been smiling after all that. I mean, seriously.  Give me one wrong turn and I’m calling it quits.  Not Jayna, though. She was still smiling and kept on smiling.

But, then again, with a smile as gorgeous as this one . . . it’s totally worth sharing with the whole world all the time! 😉

Thanks for sharing your smile with us, Jayna. Totally transformed our day.

In a collaboration with Gown & Glove Bridal Consignment and Love Beauty Bellingham, I hung out with and photographed fabulously beautiful Whatcom County high schoolers. This story is part of a series.

Dresses compliments of Gown & Glove. Makeup provided by Love Beauty. Photography by JenniMarie Photography.

If you know Jayna and book a photoshoot (or visit Gown & Glove or hire Love Beauty), Jayna will receive credit toward her discounts and prizes when you mention her name. Plus, you might be eligible for discounts, too!

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