My Birds Eye View


I was groggy from my “little” afternoon nap intended t o combat jetlag without succombing to it. The 45 minutes had turned into four hours. And, really, sleep is important, so why not take an extra long nap?

Groggy was gone, though, as I watched four white gloved, reflective-yellow vested begin an unknown pattern around the intersection outside my 21st floor window. Two wielded Candy Land sized stop signs with matching candy cane striped handles. Two were waving red bandana-sized flags. And two appeared to have assistants to carry their flags for them.

As they marched into the as-yet-unknown position, a new intrigue happened on the opposite corner of the intersection.

A helmet bounced around in the middle lane, a car was stopped in the turning lane, and a moped lay in the path of the car.

The four police officers left their candyland stop signs in their individual quadrants (because, after all, who needs a stop sign when tending to an accident?!) and moved to the scene.

One darted between cars to pick up the helmet.

Three hovered over the cyclist.

No one paid attention to the car.

The rider was fine, but as the officers scampered away from the scene to leave room for documentation to be photographed, a taxi cab drove over the moped. Yup. That’s right. Police are on the scene and the second accident happens.

It’s the stuff you just can’t make up. Because, really, who would want to?

They unwedged the moped from underneath the taxi, and off the taxi went. The photographs could finally happen.

But wait! While trying to get around the stopped white car, culprit of the original accident, a little brown car plowed over a moped and bicycle, squashing the two poor cyclists together in a jumble of limbs, cranks, handlebars, and backpacks. (Everyone walked away, somehow.)

I think I will stay in my hotel. Always.

Besides, the view from the 21st floor is quite amusing.


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