I went to Ontario

Guys!  Canadaland is SO MUCH BIGGER than this little tiny thumbprint  section I claim as my own.    Yeah, yeah, yeah.  No duh.  But for all my criss-cross-apple-sauce of the continent, I’ve only ever been in one Canadian airport: Vancouver. I’ve driven into Alberta, yes, and poked my head into Ontario 15 years ago, but all this is just a smidgen of reality.

Last month, I visited  FOUR new Canadian airports (Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa) and visited the nation’s capital (nerd alert! nerd alert!) and felt the mist spray of Niagara Falls (actually not the underwhelming experience this cynic expected).

I met a Canadian who DOESNT SPEAK ENGLISH, I visited Parliament in time to listen to the Speaker of the House yell “shhhhh!”to the MPs (did I mention? nerd alert! nerd alert!), and I crossed the river into Quebec to add that province onto my resume.


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