Greg & Sara’s Chilliwack Wedding

Greg & Sarah’s Camp River Hall Wedding – a perfect Chilliwack wedding venue – was beautiful, love-filled, and scenic.

Sara & Greg both got ready at the Charis Camp Chalet but didn’t see each other until their first look later in the afternoon.  In fact, Greg didn’t know that we took this photo of he and Sara on the two levels of the Chalet!  (Sneaky, aren’t we? Good job, John!)

But the first look?  Let’s swoon!  Look at those grins, guys!

Chilliwack wedding portrait

“You know, that’s what I especially love about being outdoors experiencing nature: birds and flowers and fish point me to God and remind me that He is there.”

Full disclosure, that isn’t an exact quote, but it’s pretty close. I had other things to do on Greg & Sara’s wedding day, presumably more important than remembering verbatim Greg’s musings. We sat in the shade at Cheam Lake Wetlands Regional Park basking in the temporary respite from the sun’s burning orb.  Greg rolled up his pant legs, Sara devoured a sub sandwich, the bridal party was off duty and in search of any air conditioning Chilliwack might offer.  And there – in that sweat-drenched wedding day moment – Greg reflected on God’s goodness as manifested in the flowers around us and the birds flying above us and the fish swimming yonder.

Of all the conversations I expected to have while celebrating Greg & Sara’s Chilliwack wedding day, that was not one of them.

We could’ve talked about the heat. It was real.
We could’ve anticipated about the exceptional chef, because he was and the food was obviously masterful.
We could’ve discussed photo ops; we were mid-shoot.
We could’ve talked about any number of very relevant topics, but we didn’t.  Instead, Greg & Sara reflected on God’s kindness to them and the ways that nature point them to Christ.

Guys, that’s what I will always remember about Greg & Sara’s Chilliwack wedding day and Camp River Hall wedding reception.  I could remember the view of Mount Cheam during the ceremony (and I will), I could laugh over the antics of the groomsmen (tying a tie is no joke, though), I could focus on the Jen-and-Jennifer, bridesmaid-and-photographer confusion (we have an amazing name, don’t we?), I could forever revel in the stunning dress Sara wore (ohmyworditwasamazing). All that is inconsequential, though, in comparison to that moment when we worshipped God in thanks for His amazing creation.

(Sara was such a trooper!  Check out the size of the bug that had wedged between her layers of tulle!)

camp river hall wedding ceremony

The view from Greg & Sarah’s Camp River Hall wedding ceremony was stunning!

camp river hall wedding ceremony

camp river hall wedding reception

camp river hall wedding reception

With a love story this precious, I knew the wedding had to be sublime.   Thanks to the scenic Camp River Hall, the fabulous Hippie Mike and his skills as master of ceremonies, the design talent of Daisy Designs, the kitchen skills of Chef Tom of Charis Camp, the music of DJ Jose and DJ Kastle, and the hair skills of Kim Eeg, the Chilliwack wedding of Greg & Sara was perfection.

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  1. These photos are so stunning, Jenn (or were you Jennifer?) and beautifully written! Definitely worth the wait! Awesome photos and memories 🙂 easily one of my faves!

    1. Jenn or Jennifer? I’m not sure I actually know which I was and which I wasn’t. 😛 (But was that confusion intentional or not? That is the question. Hehe.)

  2. Hi Jenni! So happy to see all the photos from my cousin Sara’s wedding. And of course happy to see you took a fantastic photo of the invites I did for Greg and Sara-not many photographers do that. Your work is stunning! ~Tammy

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