Abbotsford Backyard Elopement

Arianna and Matthew booked me for their Abbotsford backyard elopement without ever even meeting in person. I mean, we had a video meeting (what else does one do in hashtag pandemic life?!) and we laughed a lot and they introduced me to several of their pets (yup. several wasn’t even all!) but I didn’t actually meet them until it was time for their ceremony to begin

I could say so much about how well they love each other (Matthew even created an entire nostalgic experience for Arianna to enjoy as she walked down the aisle) and how keenly they know one another (anticipating punch lines, for example!) and how deeply they are connected.

As a very small example of how impactful this wedding was to me, I took a photo of Matthew (as I normally do, watching the groom wait for the bride) and didn’t realize what he was doing until I got the photo home: he stood in position at the start of the ceremony pulling out a tissue to have it ready for when he needed to wipe her tears. Yup, that’s right:  Matthew had a pocket full of tissues at the ready because he knew he’d be wiping Arianna’s tears during the ceremony.

When I saw that photo later, realized how well he knew his bride, and remember the tender way he wiped away her tears…THAT is when I wept with joy.

So goofy, right? To think of me sitting at my computer wiping away tears?!

But that’s a fact: these two have wormed their way into my heart and I hope I did justice to showcasing their joy and love in photos.

backyard elopement abbotsford (1)

So. Much. Laughter!

Yes, they brought three of their animals out for portraits and, yes, posing a cat is faaaaarrrr outside my wheelhouse. 😉 backyard elopement abbotsford

But aren’t these furbabies the best?! I’m almost ready to concede getting a dog. Or at least trading in my cat for one that tolerates a harness and a photoshoot. =D  

Arianna’s kind words have filled my heart and soul and I will read them over and over:

I could probably fill up an entire book with how happy we were with Jennifer as our photographer. We had a small backyard wedding and originally we were not even planning on having an official photographer… but boy am I glad we came around. She was affordable (and this is coming from a Dutch girl and a Mennonite), personable, and just a big ball of fun while still being able to keep us focused enough to get all the shots we wanted in our limited time frame.

And the photos!! THE PHOTOS!!!!!! Absolutely stunning, amazing, and everything I could have wished for… and then more. Jennifer is the type of person who can slink around the background without you noticing she’s there and get the absolutely best candid shots, but then come out guns blazing, front and center (Fun, but bossy enough to keep us moving and focused! It was great) for the portrait sessions and remarkably somehow still get photos that don’t look like you’re pasting a smile on for the camera. She has a remarkable skill at making you feel comfortable in what usually is an incredibly awkward process…maybe it’s the 5000 compliments she throws every which way, but more likely it’s the fact that you know that she genuinely means every single one, as well as her infectious excitement at just being there.

On top of ALL of this (yes, there’s more!), she knows what she is doing through and through (which is great, because we sure didn’t!), was incredibly organized, and made sure to be available pre-wedding for any and all questions we might have.

We could not have been happier. Jennifer- you are truly the best!

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