Young Love [Valentine’s Day]

Once there was a little girl with a very big heart.  Not just a big red balloon heart, though.  Her heart loves to laugh at silly faces and goofy noises and never-ending games of peek-a-boo.  She says so many things, and sometimes she uses sign language to fill in the gaps.

Oh, and she’s cute.

Very cute.

On a certain day in February,  a certain little boy decided he wanted to hang out with that certain cute little girl. And, really, he just wanted to be her friend. Her extra special friend.

But, first, he needed to get her attention.

Step one. Find the right balloon.

Step two. Play peek-a-boo with the balloon.

Step three: decide to give her ALL the balloons.  She’s worth it.

Step four: send a kiss to her in the balloons.

Step five:  Play with the balloons. Just to make sure they’re fun enough.

She had her own plan. It started with a cute pair of shoes. A very cute pair. (Don’t all good love stories start with the shoes? :-P)

Armed with the perfect pair of shoes, she inspected the balloon.

Was it good enough? Did he put enough thought into the gift?  Is he worthy of her attention?

Ha. Nope.

Silly boy.

Step six: host a tea party.

Unfortunately, she wouldn’t attend.  Tea party with no guests is no fun.


Step seven: pose for a cute picture.  Everyone likes a cute picture.

Step eight: Try the flower method. Every girl likes flowers, right?

(Nothing else seems to work, after all.)

Pick the perfect bouquet.

 Find the perfect scent.

His wasn’t good enough, though. She picked her own flower. And all the petals off the flower.

He loves me, he loves me not.
He loves me, he loves me not.

Still trying to pick the right flower, he smelled another one. And another. And another.

Step Nine: Hand her the flower; avoid eye contact.

She inspected the flower. Smelling it carefully. Handling it gently.

Progress! She liked the flower.

Step ten:  find another balloon. Share it with her.

(Her goal: eat the balloon. Does it taste good?)

(He learned quickly that the balloon is not a baseball bat.  But it’s fun anyway.  And at least they were playing together.)

Step twelve:  Pick the perfect conversation heart.

Step thirteen: sprinkle the hearts all over the grass.


Un-smooth, Mr. Mister. Unsmooth, indeed..

Something worked, though. Maybe it was the clumsiness.

Step fourteen: Happy ever after. The end.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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