I went to France

In the middle of this summer’s busiest stretch of wedding season (and three days after my camera died the day before a wedding and required I buy a new camera, learn to use it, and shoot a wedding – stress to the power of infinity), I went to France on a missions trip, specifically spending the week using my camera to document the project we were working on.

I spent most of my time in Sanary Sur Mer – a quiet little town snuggled in on the Mediterranean with quaint bakeries full of succulent goodies, an abundance of wine & chocolate (it’s southern France, after all), and meandering cobblestone streets overlooking sparkling ocean, just waiting to be explored.

Day trips (as part of the project) included hiking to waterfalls and ancient ruins in Gemenos (we practically had the meandering trail to ourselves!), marveling at the grandeur of the Roquefavour Aquaduct (identical to the Pont du Gard, but “only” a couple hundred years old and, therefore, less populated with tourists), sipping drinking chocolate in the quaint, cobblestoned, city-on-a-hill Bonnieux.

Oh, and I spent a weekend living in a castle. Definitely the highlight. Dddddefinitely.  Walking up a grandiose staircase to my room-with-a-real-wardrobe and falling asleep looking out the turret window as the stars twinkled over the French countryside?  How does it get any better than that?  Sweeping the rock-made floor of the entryway and thinking of the hundreds of years of feet tiptoeing on those floors? Wow.  I felt like Cinderella and chores felt much more romantic than they ever do at home.  😉

We worked hard, spent long days, and didn’t sleep much, but it was a fabulous trip, a beautiful country, an indescribably opportunity, and a wonderful middle-of-the-summer.

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