Stories Worth Telling: What’s Your Story?

A photo documents one fraction of a second.  The exact size of the fraction is a mathematical calculation based on how long the shutter is left open, but that’s more geek-speak that you really cared to know.   😉  In all the moments of a life, of all the fractions of a moment,  my camera and I get to document one tiny sliver of the story.  It’s usually (based on my knowledge of humanity as a whole) a story and a life filled with triumphs and failures, victories and losses, tears and laughter.  It’s a unique series of events that have shaped us, hurt us, strengthened us, and crafted into formation the man or woman we stand to be.  It’s a powerful telling of joy and sorrow that brings us to today.  And today is just a slice of the whole story.

Reveling in the reality that each and every person I meet is a carrier of a beautifully unique story, I am a photographer to show those slices of story through my camera and tell in thousand-word increments the beauty that is today. I tell the story that I see.  The story of the newly engaged couple in their giddy laughter love.  The story of the wedding day festivities filled with all the family and friends from far and near celebrating a new marriage.  The story of an anniversary, the remembrance of years past and the joy in years to come.  The story of a new baby and all the awe-filled moments realizing the enormity of the next 18-odd years.

My story involves twisted paths and U-turns, a political science degree barely used and an artistic heart pouring itself into a camera. My story involves an African tent with several months handwashing dishes and scrubbing laundry in the sun.  My story has brought me from North Carolina to British Columbia after I married the guy I met in Africa.  My story is still in progress, it isn’t always attractive, and sometimes it’s down right ugly, but it’s beautiful because it’s mine and because it’s been overseen by an all-powerful God who loves me and is pouring out that love to me daily.

In honor of beautiful stories written by a God who loves,
In celebration of Valentine’s day and the season of love it reflects,
In awe of the many many beautiful stories around me,

I am giving away a portrait session.  

What's Your Story?  Portrait Session Giveaway

How it Works

1. You email me a snapshot of yourself and a paragraph telling your story. Remember: yours is a story worth telling, so tell it!

2. I will compile entries into a photo album on the JenniMarie Photography facebook page, showcasing all the submitted stories.

3. Winning entry will be chosen based on sheer popularity — which photo has the most “likes”?

4. Entries must be received via email (jennifer at by February 1, 2014 at 11:59pm PST. Voting will take place February 3 – 9, 2014 and the winner notified just in time for Valentine’s Day. 😉

5. I reserve the right to edit stories for length and grammar as necessary.

The Fine Fine Print:
 1. The awarded photography session will take place in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia or the Bellingham area of Washington 
state between now and September 2014, and will be scheduled based on mutual availability of photographer and awardee.
2. All stories must be submitted via email and include your name, city of residence, email address, and phone number.
3. Couples between the ages of 18 and 108 -- married, engaged, dating -- are eligible.
4. This giveaway is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with or sponsored by Facebook.

5. Free session will only be awarded to new clients of JenniMarie Photography.

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  1. can old clients enter just for kicks and giggles and getting to showcase off an amazing JM photo?? knowing winning is no possibility? 🙂 hehe. Miss you mucho.

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