Biking Boundary Bay

2013-04-27 10.49.10

We were less than halfway into our bike ride.  Just past the bike-ride-glee and well before the bike-ride-pain.

Along the path came jogging a 65ish-year-old man in his matching running suit (you know the kind — elastic at the ankles, wrists, and waist . . . a strip all the way down each side . . . and just enough rustle to be incredibly loud in the middle of a barren path) and neon running shoes and squared off ball cap.

He was moving along at a mighty clip, sailing past us while I climbed back on the bike after a photo op.

“Awww, that’s cute!” he said when he saw us and our tandem bicycle.

That’s what I said about he and his white haired jogging excursion. 2013-04-27 11.01.13 2013-04-27 11.03.26 2013-04-27 11.04.17 2013-04-27 11.11.59 2013-04-27 11.28.19 2013-04-27 11.28.33 2013-04-27 11.41.08 2013-04-27 11.44.05 2013-04-27 11.49.09 2013-04-27 11.49.26

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  1. I was going to say the same thing about biking and photo taking.
    So I’ll just say that’s my favorite photo instead.
    And I would love to still go on a bike ride with you at some point. Haven’t been on one since Maria was tiny – so pretty much 7 years!! haha. About time I’d say!

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