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As much as I adore the engagement and wedding ring that John chose for me (the most vivid memory I have of the whirlwind surprise proposal is how he described the ring his chose as “uniquely simple and beautiful…just like you”), I almost love my Groove Life rings more. Don’t get me wrong:  I’m not saying I love my “real” rings less…I’m just saying that the versatility and functionality of my Groove bands can often supersede the beauty and nostalgia of my metallic bands.

For a little context, I’m not only an adventurer and a traveler and a photographer but I was also (unfortunately) the targeted victim of a theft three years ago. While chilling in Costa Rice,  my engagement and wedding band were stolen and ever since then I have felt a (mostly understandable) sense of dread and fear when wearing my bands in any new or unique setting. BUT THEN if I leave the rings safely at home, I end up feeling exposed and unnecessarily “single”. 😉

So what do I do? Wear my Groove Life rings almost more than I wear my real rings!

I left my diamond at home when we went to Spain and didn’t have to think twice about swimming, hiking, packing, touring.

I (usually remember) to wear my Groove Life rings at the gym  and can happily practice my pullups without metal digging into my fingers.

I eagerly hike with my bands, confident that even if I decide to jump into a glacial lake my rings aren’t going to be at risk of slipping off my freezing fingers.

So, basically, if you’re an adventurous bride: you might as well buy a set of Groove Life rings and enjoy the comfort and ease of silicon band.

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