Want to Play Dress Up, Bellingham Seniors?


 What girl doesn’t love dress-up?   The  shoes. The accessories.  The picking-out-of-the-dress. The makeup colors.  The twirling. The spinning.  The high heels. The bright red lip stick.   Being an adult is basically playing dress up every day, yes? Dressing up for the important meeting. Dressing up for an important date.  Dressing up for church. Dressing up for…everything.

I do, of course, love all varieties of dress-up, but right now I’m especially excited for the dress-up season that’s getting ready to happen: PROM!

Especially exciting is that I am partnering with Gown & Glove and Love Beauty to give nine Bellingham, WA-area high school students a day of fabulous pre-prom dress-up.  Absolutely Free.

The privileged girls who snag an appointment during the week of March 4, 2013 will hang out at the Gown & Glove store to pick their favorite prom dress, sit under the talented hand of the makeup artistry of Love Beauty for a delightful makeover,  then have a photo session with me!

To sign up,  give Stephanie at Gown & Glove a phone call: 360-296-1669.

PLUS:  by referring their friends to any of the vendors contributing to this give-away, these Juniors & Seniors can earn discounts and freebies toward this year’s prom. Win!

P.S. Aren’t these Gown & Glove dresses scrumptious?  Victoria modeled them so splendidly well!

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