April Showers.

April showers bring May flowers. What do Mayflowers bring? Pilgrims! 

Do you remember that?  The little nursery rhyme ditty/joke that made the seven-year-old you laugh hysterically?  Well, here it is.  April 1.  Time for the April showers to bring us those May flowers.  (And the pilgrims, of course.)  Instead of an April Fool’s joke today, how about some April Flowers for an April 1?

If you receive the newsletter, you’ve already read part of this story.  The story of my attempt to turn my nemesis into my muse:  yes, The Rain.  My enemy and now my inspiration.  The brings gloomy clouds and gray days and miserable grocery shopping trips.  But, see, I’ve come to acknowledge that The Rain also brings happy flowers and green grass and a renewed appreciation for blue skies.  But while focusing on appreciation for the result of the rain, I lost sight of the inherent beauty of the rain. If I can love the effect of the rain, why don’t I also love the cause of the gloom?  Well?  Why not?

So on a cloudy-but-not-raining day (for the safety of my equipment, of course), I turned my backyard into a rain-inspired beauty showcase.  Shooting directly into my strobelight with John wielding the hose for rain-like effect (and a porchlight as a fill, when I wanted it), I turned a gloomy rain into a beautiful reality.

See? It’s possible.

April showers…bringing May flowers and being beautiful.

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