Pitt Lake Sunset Engagement

I used to call myself a Photographer. Now I call myself a Relationship Photographer. Basically, that’s means I’m a professional third wheel and an armchair therapist (kiiidding!) and a keeper of the in-between moments that create a well-rounded relationship. It means I love best when I am showcasing and photographing the seasons of relationship – all of them! the relationship of newly engaged, the relationship of freshly married, the relationship of parents-to-unborn-child, the relationship of parents-to-children, the relationship of parents-to-children-to-grandchildren.  Ultimately, though, showcasing relationship with a Pitt Lake Sunset Engagement session? THAT is my favorite (until the next time a shoot is my favorite, of course!).

Amber and Clarence are gems among gems and their wedding is going to be spectacular.  I knew it from the moment I met them this winter and heard their proposal story — Clarence set up a romantic scene at her horse’s barn complete with twinkle lights and hay bales and all the personalized nostalgia you can imagine! — but hanging out for their Pitt Lake Sunset engagement photos solidified my esteem.

Amber scheduled their engagement photos and her hair/makeup trials in tandem so she showed up pampered and prettified. Muse Beauty did a stunning job on her blonde hair while Blooming Beauty rocked the makeup, both accentuated Amber’s inherent beauty. Coordinating bridal trials with engagement photos is brilliant and everyone should do it!

A Pitt Lake Sunset engagement session has several layers of light and can feel like two completely different locations as the sun dips below the mountains and changes the entire landscape.


Look at all that beauty!! Amber, you rock!

Moments like this make me dream of the day I get a drone and can recreate this perspective easily. For now, though, I’ll just love that there’s a birding tower at Pitt Lake so I can stand above and look down on the magic.

I can’t wait for Amber & Clarence’s wedding at The Falls in Chilliwack!

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