Village Inn Wedding Clemmons

Jackie & Travis had what might could be called the perfect wedding.   Now, don’t misunderstand: a significant event involving humans is going to have some unforeseen quirks.  Like when a miscommunication leaves the bustle without a bustle-er.  Or when the youngest guest needs extra attention during the ceremony.  Or the cake topper gets set into the cake upside down.   But, in the midst of the prosaic realities of real life (babies will cry and a M and a W really do look similar, floating out in the universe), a wedding day that keenly reflects the distinct personalities of individuals as they join their hearts and lives is an unabashed success.

Such it was with Jackie & Travis.  Theirs was a wedding day full of genuine beauty (have you ever before seen such glorious flowers?) and pithy humor (if only wit and intelligence were contagious) and delicious food (valuable priority) and a plethora of celebrating friends — all gathered to support, love, and  cherish their friends as a new marriage began.  And family.  We can’t forget family, now can we?  Not an eye was dry in the room when Travis and his sons surprised Jackie by singing their love — so much talent, all wrapped up in three harmonizing voices.


With thanks to the staff at Village Inn of Clemmons for hosting a spectacular wedding reception, Susan Hunt  (DJ and line dance instructor extraordinaire) for guiding the party, and all the celebrating friends (who traveled  from all over the country!) ,  Jackie & Travis had the perfect wedding day.  And it was beautiful.

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