Backyard Wedding in Abbotsford

I love the tender beauty of a small wedding, and this backyard wedding in Abbotsford was everything perfect. The sentimental joy of having a wedding at the childhood home, the delight of being able to enjoy an unrushed visit with every single guest, the calm that comes with casually welcoming guests, and the ease that is getting dressed at home and then walking to the backyard for the celebration.

I think because of the smaller-ish guest list, the excitement was even more palpable than ever. The buzz of joy, the gasp of delight, and the casual jokes bantered around during the ceremony made a backyard wedding in Abbotsford an easy win.

Plus, as the photographer, having full access to every angle? Brilliantly easy! I loved being able to have beautiful framing from literally any side!

We did all portraits right there on the property and that added to the stress-free ease of the day. It helps, of course, that the property was beautiful and very photogenic! 😉 I mean, look at these!

backyard wedding in abbotsford

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