Wedding Details You’ll Want Photographed

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1. Your Ring
Your wedding ring is going to be the constant reminder of your wedding day, it will stay on your hand and be the most tangible and ever-present piece of jewelry you ever wear.  So before it goes on your hand to stay, I will whisk it away and photograph it in some elegantly beautiful setting.  I love succulents and twinkle lights and baby’s breath and lace for ring shots but I especially love water as an art form.

(Full disclosure: not every wedding day will have the time to create a water-based masterpiece, but if this is something you’d love for your rings just let me know and I’ll make it happen!)

wedding details to photograph

2.  Your Dress

Before you put on your wedding dress, I’ll take a few minutes to photograph the intricacies of the lace and the beauty of your silk and chiffon creation. I love whisking your dress away and (carefully!) placing it in a unique, memorable nook (sometimes precariously positioned with an assistant standing by just in case!) to give it a moment to shine all by itself.

You’ve spent hours choosing the dress and dreaming of the day you’d wear it, so giving it a moment in the spotlight is only necessary.

Clayburn village wedding details

3. Your Invitations

If you’ve spent any amount of time designing, printing, mailing invitations you’ll want them photographed. If you haven’t mailed me an invitation (do it! you should!), have a copy waiting for me alongside any program or other paper product so that I can document the paper suite. If you have mailed me an invitation, I’ll bring a copy to the wedding to photograph for you.

4. Your makeup/hair application

Before you put on your wedding dress and after your hair/makeup is all complete: take a moment to breathe in the day and revel in the excitement to come . . . and let me photograph the masterpiece your stylist just created!

wedding details to photograph

5. Your shoes!

On most brides, the shoes will spend the day hiding beneath the dress; out of sight, out of mind.  But the shoes were probably one of the more pivotal buying decisions you made. Right? Right! I’ll take a few minutes to photograph your shoes before you put them on! You worked so hard to pick them, they deserve their time to shine!

And, in case you want to see these details in movement: here’s my (new favorite!) video compilation and a little behind-the-scenes peek!

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