I went to Barrie in the Fall

A few years ago, I barely knew where Ontario was. 😉 In fact, I had only been to Ontario once and that one trip was fifteen-year-old me going with my Aunt & Uncle to their island via float plane to spend a week fishing and photographing. In the past three years, though, I have been to Ontario three times (plus the stopovers transiting via the Toronto airport). This trip, though, was my first time traveling north from Toronto AND my first time visiting Ontario in the fall.
Although a work trip, I took my one window of daylight free time to chase the sunset to Lake Huron and explore a ghostly beachtown, deserted except for three dedicated fisherwomen and two fishermen.  I’ve seen Lake Ontario, swam in Lake Superior, and hunted for pebbles at a Lake Michigan beach.  With Lake Huron’s sunset, I now only need to find a way to spend time at Lake Erie.  (Possibly most impressive, though, is that I just listed the five great lakes from memory. #win)
If I ever find myself moving to Ontario, I won’t be sad.

When hotel rooms have impressive lighting,  I shamelessly selfie. (Also: I’ve been growing out my hair for three years now and  after too many failed trims from too many different stylists, it’s finally the length I love and I am unabashedly vain. Thanks for rescuing my hair, Bri!)

Country roads, take me home!

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