At Home Newborn Photos

While most of the photographs I publish online revolve around my role as wedding photographer, I have long described myself as a Relationship Photographer — inserting myself as the sometimes bossy third wheel to be able to photograph the emotion-full string of seconds that make up a well-rounded relationship.  At Home Newborn Photos are no exception to that pattern.

Arriving at the fresh-to-the-earth home of a teeny tiny baby, embracing the thrum of a freshly cemented family, and becoming the official third wheel to photograph candidly the beauty (and chaos :P) of the newborn life, my role as relationship photographer is clear.

I photograph the relationship of Mom and Baby, of Dad and Mom with Baby, of Dad with Baby, of new siblings together. I watch the pride in Dad’s eyes, the joy in Mom’s heart, the cautious amusement of older brother.  At home newborn photos may not be what you normally see on here, but they sure are some of my favourite moments to cherish.

I mean, just look at big bro’s curiosity…and maybe a bit of skepticism?!


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