Grouse Mountain Proposal

A weekend adventure in Vancouver to celebrate her birthday, he said.  Let’s bring our best friends along, he said.  I’m taking you for dinner on Grouse Mountain, he said. Let’s go ice skating, he said.  Let me hold your hand, he said.

All the plans, all the words actually said (in between the lines, unspoken for the sake of  surprises): “I love you!  I can’t wait to marry you! I am so excited to surprise you with a magical Grouse Mountain proposal you deserve!”

Will you marry me?  

She squealed.  She giggled. She almost fell down (between shock and surprise and slippery ice, it seemed inevitable!).  She said yes.

One month ago, the scheming began. With one text conversation, Rob and I started several weeks of scheming and dreaming and plotting and planning for his Grouse Mountain proposal.  Emiley deserved nothing less than the best, Rob said, and he made sure she experienced everything perzactly right.  A clandestine Tim Horton’s meeting to finalize details, some careful scouring of the Grouse Mountain Chalet Cam (and screen shots back-and-forth to pick the best photo op location!), a last-minute change of timeline: coordinating for a surprise proposal is no easy project, but boy-oh-boy is it ever worth it!


Wandering around Peak of Christmas with Rob & Emiley celebrating their brand-spankin’-new engagement, I got to see what an insanely fun couple these two are (snowball fights? silly faces? giggle matches? yes!) and what incredibly wonderful friends they’re surrounded by (I liked ’em, even if I and my camera were almost creamed by one overly zealous ready-to-celebrate friend :-P)


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