Northview Golf Club Wedding

On a deliciously crisp autumn morning, Katie & Tony began their marriage with a Northview Golf Club Wedding.  The birds sang, the frost sparkled in the sunrise as it melted off the grass, and the fiery foliage danced in the breeze. It really was as romantically magical as all that.

With half a handful of guests providing a chorus of cheers as they signed the paperwork, it was a gentle and sweet and relaxed wedding celebration just as an intimate wedding ought to be.

We meandered the Northview Golf Club lawn for wedding portraits and basked in the beauty of the morning. Katie’s joy, her lovely dress, her sweet smile, and her stunning veil worked together with the morning light to create poetry.

The Northview Gold Club gardens are absolutely exquisite with elegance combined with a certain ruggedness.

(Swishable dresses are my favourite!)

In a stroke of genius, Katie & Tony chose to have post-wedding portraits the next day at their home in Hope, BC! With an outfit change, a location change, and a relaxed timeline we created even more beautiful imagery together!

Isn’t she stunning?!

I love forest all the time and that mountain view is pretty swell, too!

(Did I mention twirlable dresses are my favourite?!)

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